How do I prevent my Ashford Traditional Wheel ‘walking’?

1) Try attaching rubber feet (available from hardware stores) to the ends of the three feet if the floor surface is wooden.
2) ‘Walking’ on carpet suggests too much horizontal pressure, rather than vertical. Try pushing down with your ankle, rather than away with your leg.
3) The wheel, flyer or bobbin may not be rotating freely.
Try these steps to free up your wheel:
a) Remove the drive cord and brake band, and conrod from the crank.
b) Rotate the wheel. If it stops quickly the wheel bearings need oiling.
c) Move the con rod up and down. If it does not move freely, lie the wheel on its ends and drip a little oil into the holes in the legs for the treadle pins.
d) Re-attach the con rod to the crank and secure. Oil the con rod bearing.
4) Spin the flyer and bobbin. If they don’t rotate freely, check:
– the bearings are clean and lightly oiled, and at 90 degrees to the flyer shaft.
– If the bobbin is tight on the flyer shaft use a 1/4″ chainsaw file to ream it out slightly.
– there should be 1-2 mm (1/16″) end float between the flyer bearings and bobbin.
5) Smooth the groove in the bobbin whorl so the brake band doesn’t catch.
6) Cut the brake and between the tension knob and screw eye and add a second tension spring.
7) Replace the drive cord and brake band.

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