My drum carder is very dirty, how do I clean it?

The best way to clean the drum carder is with warm soapy water. Wash the carder teeth carefully with an old toothbrush and some mineral turpentine. You should also check to see if there are any fibers wrapped around the shafts. If so clean them out with a fine hook or needle.

For best results you may take some of the carder apart.
1. Remove the dome out of the handle, then unscrew the handle
2. Loosen the bolt on the top of the right hand side
3. Only the right hand side needs to be removed (handle side)
4. Remove the 4 screws holding the side on
5. Slide both drums back into position, a little light oil on the shafts with help for free use
7. Reassemble the right side, tightening the screws. Put the handle in place, adjust the front drum and tighten the bolt.

If it is really jammed up, remove the C-Clips from the shafts so the whole machine can be disassembled, but take care not to let the clips fly into your eyes or just disappear.

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