Further to the PM’s announcement on the 23rd March and due to the ongoing risk of Covid-19, we are temporarily closing our business until further notice. This difficult decision is to protect our customers, our staff and the UK as a whole. We are hugely grateful for all the hard work and support of our staff and customers.

Please feel free to browse our website and email us if you have questions about any of our products.

Watch this space for the time that we can welcome you all back into the shop!

Ashford UK Distributors

We are very pleased to be the UK distributors for Ashford, as we have been associated with the products for many years.

We have great confidence that the comprehensive range of spinning and weaving equipment can satisfy the needs of many people, from the keen amateur to the experienced professional, as well as being a reliable resource in schools and colleges.

Ashford Handicrafts New Zealand

We at Ashford, in New Zealand, have enjoyed a wonderful association with Frank Herring and Sons starting in the 1970’s and then in 2007 when they became our UK distributor. Esther and David, and all their team, have a great commitment and passion not only for the Ashford brand but also to the textile crafts.

With their knowledge and experience of our products they give wonderful helpful and knowledgeable service.

The interest in textiles in the UK continues to grow. Together with Esther and David and the team at Herring’s we look forward to meeting your needs for textile equipment, fibres & yarns in the future.

Ashford Handicrafts History

1938 Walter Ashford designed a spinning wheel that could be used to make knitting yarn. It had to be aesthetically pleasing, functional, robust, trouble free and yet a simple kitset that could be posted all over New Zealand. The first model was a double drive model, but Walter quickly realised that spinners wanted to change bobbins with ease. So, with the help of his father the Rev.

Dudly Ashford, the Ashford scotch tension flyer was developed and patent pending award for its unique design. This revolutionary idea enabled the drive belt to be left on the flyer whorl and it was just a simple matter of releasing the Scotch Tension to remove the bobbin.

The wheels were in great demand during the Second World War to create yarn for woollen socks and caps for the New Zealand Armed Forces. After the war nylon was overtaking wool and spinning. It was over. For the next twenty years spinning slumbered like Sleeping Beauty.

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Ashford YouTube Channel

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Ashford Wheels & Looms NZ

1934 Walter Ashford founded Ashford Handicrafts in New Zealand

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Assembly Instruction Downloads

Detailed instructions on assembling your Ashford products

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